(Psychoparalysis) now on Bandcamp

(Psychoparalysis) have launced their bandcamp page a little while ago. You can listen their entire ‘Human Disposition’ debut album there, and you can also conveniently buy a copy of it, both digital and physical, as well as their t-shirts/lady fits.

Check it out: https://psychoparalysis.bandcamp.com/

BWK Thrash to Tavastia?

Ygh! There’s simple contest where you can choose which Thrash Metal band gets to open up for Lost Society in Tavastia next month. So we want you to click the link below and show your support to ArchiTorture, Ceaseless Torment or any other band you wish. It’s that simple. Now clickitaway, will you!!?

New ArchiTorture photo

Here’s a new and up-to-date group photo of ArchiTorture. Beautiful, isn’t it?

ArchiTorture 2014 new line-up

Ps. ArchiTorture’s first gig after a long break is soon over, come & join them at PRKL Club, Helsinki on Friday-almost-the-13th (which is 14.11.)

ArchiTorture is back from the dead!

Hear ye, hear ye! ArchiTorture is back from the dead! Here’s what’s going on now as we’re wiping the dust off from our shoulders:

1) It’s time to break the silence! We made a new demo from our old demo. Listen to ‘Out of the Night They Came (2014)’ from BWK Music Player! By the way, our old guitarist Tommi came back and is now solely doing the vocals. Pretty awesome, huh!?

2) There’s a gig coming on 14th November in Helsinki at PRKL Club with Austrian thrashers Mortal Strike and our BWK Records fellows Ceaseless Torment.

3) Both our new old demo song ‘Out of the Night…’ and the PRKL gig are featuring Timo Ahlström on the guitar and Atte Torvikoski on the bass.

4) Our debut album ‘Spare No One’ is now available in Spotify, Deezer, Google Play & iTunes. There’s finally a chance to get your digital copy of the album if you are not into CDs.

Thrash with it & see you at PRKL on 14.11.14!


BWK Records to participate in El Chopo Finland

Horror-Shop and PRKL Club have brought the tradition of Mexico City’s legendary El Chopo to Finland! BWK Records will participate by having their own merch stand. We will bring merchandise from all our bands plus something extra that has tagged along from somewhere.

El Chopo Finland, Sunday April 6th, PRKL Club, Kaisaniemenkatu 4, Helsinki. [FB]

Ceaseless Torment joins the fellowship of BWK

torment 700px

Finnish thrash metallers Ceaseless Torment announce their debut album. The name of the album is The End They Bring and it will be released by BWK Records. The release date has been set to 21.2.2014.

Ceaseless Torment was founded in 2007 by Sebastian Fredriksson (guitar, vocals) and Antti Uuttu (drums). From the very beginning it was clear that brutal and aggressive thrash metal in vein of the 1980s was their way to go. Their skull pulverising sound is close to such bands as Sodom and early Sepultura. Fast Thrash Metal, that is!

For a Finnish underground band Ceaseless Torment have played many gigs outside Finland in countries such as USA, Mexico, The Canary Islands and Russia. They did their Mexican tour with fellow BWK Records’ artist (Psychoparalysis) in April 2013.

The End They Bring marks the third full length release of BWK Records, an independent record label from Koivukylä, Vantaa, Finland. BWK Records is an alliance of self-promoting artists, friends (=metalheads) with a similar view of the world and a mission of having the best channel ever for releasing their music. More releases from BWK Records are to be expected. But not from your band since BWK Records only releases astonishing masterpieces of extreme awesomeness.

Ceaseless Torment: The End They Bring consists of 8 tracks and about 34 minutes of pure, pummeling thrash metal. The album was mixed by Seppo Nummela and mastered by Jarno Hänninen at D-Studio.

CT TETB 700px

Track listing:

1. The End They Bring
2. Genocide (Spreading Your Disease)
3. Craving For Revenge
4. Apocalyptic Battle
5. High Mortality
6. Path
7. Worthless World
8. Suffer Ceaseless Torment

Ceaseless Torment are:

Sebastian Fredriksson – Guitar & Vocals
Kim Lappalainen – Guitar
Mikko Karppelin – Bass
Antti Uuttu – Drums

Upcoming Ceaseless Torment tour dates:
22.02.2014 Stoker Club, St Petersburg (RUS) w/ TIRAN (RUS), Hell’s Thrash Horsemen (RUS), Furious (RUS), Halberd (RUS)
24.02.2014 Plan B, Moscow (RUS) w/ Manic Depression (RUS), Eyes Of Horror (RUS), Sudden Rage (RUS), Voidrider (RUS)
28.03.2014 O’Hara’s Freehouse, Tampere w/ The Jasser Arafats
15.05.2014 Club Liberté, Helsinki w/ Graveborne, Arktotus (RUS)


(Psychoparalysis) is looking for a drummer

Wanna sit behind this drum kit, eh? Rummutnaamasta

(Psychoparalysis) are looking for a drummer. Within the four years of the band’s existence we have released a full length album, three demos and played more than 50 shows in Finland, Mexico and Russia. Last year we released the full length and played 23 shows. We intend to keep up with the same speed and start recording a sophomore album in 2014.

We are looking for a drummer who has the following traits:
– Personality of outstanding awesomeness and understanding for our kind of music.
– Personality of outstanding awesomeness and understanding for our kind of music.
– Will to work for the band and play shows outside Finland.
– Heavy groove, speed and skill in death metal drumming (double bass drumming, blast beats etc.).

Check out the songs from the first album:

We offer:
– Drummer’s throne in a band who gets things done.
– Original musical concept.
– Free-of-charge rehearsal place with quality drums located in Koivukylä, Vantaa (15-20 minutes walking distance from the Koivukylä train station).
– The best and the most humble bandmates in the world, aged between 25-30 years.

Contact: psychoparalysis @ gmail.com.

Mika Sallamaa leaves (Psychoparalysis) – last gig at Bar Loose, Helsinki on January 10th

We are sad to announce that Mika Sallamaa has decided to quit (Psychoparalysis) due to personal reasons. We have talked this through, and if anything is sure, there are absolutely no hard feelings at all between us and Mika. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors!

The gig at Bar Loose, Helsinki next week will be Mika’s last in the ranks of dynamic death metal, and also for this reason we obviously will not be playing shows for some time. This is THE last chance to see Mika playing with us, but he’s not gonna get away with it so easily, as we will play a special set on this special occasion. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you guys as possible at the gig and show your respect to the guy’s work in (Psychoparalysis). Let’s make this one helluva goodbye party!

The picture is self-explanatory.

– Anssi, Bhaadi & Ode