Ceaseless Torment joins the fellowship of BWK

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Finnish thrash metallers Ceaseless Torment announce their debut album. The name of the album is The End They Bring and it will be released by BWK Records. The release date has been set to 21.2.2014.

Ceaseless Torment was founded in 2007 by Sebastian Fredriksson (guitar, vocals) and Antti Uuttu (drums). From the very beginning it was clear that brutal and aggressive thrash metal in vein of the 1980s was their way to go. Their skull pulverising sound is close to such bands as Sodom and early Sepultura. Fast Thrash Metal, that is!

For a Finnish underground band Ceaseless Torment have played many gigs outside Finland in countries such as USA, Mexico, The Canary Islands and Russia. They did their Mexican tour with fellow BWK Records’ artist (Psychoparalysis) in April 2013.

The End They Bring marks the third full length release of BWK Records, an independent record label from Koivukylä, Vantaa, Finland. BWK Records is an alliance of self-promoting artists, friends (=metalheads) with a similar view of the world and a mission of having the best channel ever for releasing their music. More releases from BWK Records are to be expected. But not from your band since BWK Records only releases astonishing masterpieces of extreme awesomeness.

Ceaseless Torment: The End They Bring consists of 8 tracks and about 34 minutes of pure, pummeling thrash metal. The album was mixed by Seppo Nummela and mastered by Jarno Hänninen at D-Studio.

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Track listing:

1. The End They Bring
2. Genocide (Spreading Your Disease)
3. Craving For Revenge
4. Apocalyptic Battle
5. High Mortality
6. Path
7. Worthless World
8. Suffer Ceaseless Torment

Ceaseless Torment are:

Sebastian Fredriksson – Guitar & Vocals
Kim Lappalainen – Guitar
Mikko Karppelin – Bass
Antti Uuttu – Drums

Upcoming Ceaseless Torment tour dates:
22.02.2014 Stoker Club, St Petersburg (RUS) w/ TIRAN (RUS), Hell’s Thrash Horsemen (RUS), Furious (RUS), Halberd (RUS)
24.02.2014 Plan B, Moscow (RUS) w/ Manic Depression (RUS), Eyes Of Horror (RUS), Sudden Rage (RUS), Voidrider (RUS)
28.03.2014 O’Hara’s Freehouse, Tampere w/ The Jasser Arafats
15.05.2014 Club Liberté, Helsinki w/ Graveborne, Arktotus (RUS)