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(Psychoparalysis) - Human Disposition CD

(Psychoparalysis) – Human Disposition CD 10€


(Psychoparalysis) t-shirt S-XL, girlie S-M

(Psychoparalysis) t-shirt S-XL, girlie S-M

  • Human Disposition CD 10e
  • T-shirt 12e
  • CD + T-shirt -combo 20e
  • Forest of Ignorance EP 2e


  • T-shirt + Spare No One album 20e
  • T-shirt 12e
  • Spare No One CD 10e


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  • The End They Bring CD 12€
  • The End They Bring T-shirt sizes S-XXL 15
  • The End They Bring Combo (CD + T-shirt) 25€
  • Logo T-shirt sizes S-XXXL 10€
  • Lady Fit sizes S-L 10€


  • T-shirt 10e
  • Inverted Crossfire EP (SOLD OUT!)

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