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(Psychoparalysis) play dynamic death metal, a unique mixture of crushing riffs, enchanting melodies and pure death metal groove. Our songs are composed to satisfy personal feelings and inspirations while bands like Death and Bolt Thrower echoed in the depths of the mind. The outcome has been often compared to such bands as early Amorphis and Edge of Sanity.


(Psychoparalysis) was founded in late 2009 in Vantaa, Finland when Anssi Kantola realized he had written songs that didn’t suit his other band. The lineup was formed relatively quickly, as Jani Partanen and Otto Trygg joined immediately and it only took a couple of months to find Mika Sallamaa behind the drummer’s seat.

The lineup soon turned out to be solid and built to last. By that time the band had already started recording their first demo ‘Deligion’ with Tommi Otsavaara, who would become their trusted producer also for the releases to come. In 2 years, between 2010 and 2012 the band released 3 demos which were extremely received, the second one, ‘Forest of Ignorance’ e.g. was reviewed as “best demo ever” by Global Domination. ‘Deligion’ is sold out as we speak. In the demo era (Psychoparalysis) played about 25 shows in Finland, including Selviytyjät Private Metalfest in 2012.

The release of the debut full length album ‘Human Disposition’ (2013) marks a milestone for a fully armed quartet. In 2013 (Psychoparalysis) and embark on their first ever tour, in Mexico with Ceaseless Torment for 2 weeks and 10 shows.

The moniker “(Psychoparalysis)” is a portrayal of people’s lack of ability to think for themselves. This paralysis of the mind seems to be so very common among people on planet Earth, unfortunately. By using the parentheses we want to emphasize this emptiness inside the human head. It is unsettling to see most of the people here on settling for the half-truths and even lies fed by mainstream media. Think for yourself and be free from psychoparalysis.


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