About BWK

BWK Records is an independent record label from Koivükylä, Vantaa, Finland founded in 2012. A bunch of friends (=metalheads) realized that their bands had full length albums coming out and they needed to be released in a manner which best suits their cause. As they were used to running their bands in good DIY spirit(s), the natural next step of progress was to found a record label. BWK Records, an alliance of self-promoting artists was born.

BWK Records are politically independent and have no ideological agenda, except for this one: we encourage and support people to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. BWK Records was founded to release death metal and thrash metal albums. These are the two main genres, not exclusive restrictions. BWK Records are also independent when it comes to musical genre.

BWK Records is simply about artists releasing their own material by themselves through a channel worthy enough to match the outstanding awesomeness of their art. This means we will not sign your band. BWK Records do not “sign” bands in the sense. Any material sent to us will be disposed of and laughed at.

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